2021 Sustainability Update 

Identity Merchandise are concentrating on ensuring we are being as sustainably and environmentally friendly as possible.

Sustainable development means meeting the demands of the present, without jeopardising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.


We wanted to update customers on how we are going to do this. 


REDUCE: many promotional products are made of different types of plastics. By selecting products that have reduced plastic content, for instance because they are made of a mix of natural fibres and plastics,you are contributing to the reduction of the overall amount of plastic used.

REUSE: We believe this is one of the most important messages you can give with a promotional product. Reuse the items for a long time. More countries are banning single-use plastics like cups and cutlery. 

We aim to make our process more sustainable by:




Our sustainable clothing is now- 

GOTS/GRS decorated options in-house! This is unique in our market. This makes the products 100% certified sustainable from raw material to printed logo. Including packaging & 100% BSCI, GOTS & GRS audited factories

We aim to expand our sustainable project range every year, continuously providing you with more choices for sustainable promotional products.


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