Water You Want to Achieve?”

World water day 2021 - 22nd March!

What can you achieve with promotional products?   Feel good brand image, brand recognition? Yes, but How about removing plastics from the ocean...or helping to dig in Africa for a greener landscape?

Identity Merchandise are involved in the new generation of promotional products that show your values in a strong, put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is way, they don’t just have your brand on them, they speak for what you believe and make a difference

Bottles made from waste plastic removed from the Ocean:

Our H20 Eco bottle is made from Prevented Ocean Plastic. Plastic is collected from an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds into the ocean. This is then sorted and transformed into high quality, food-safe recycled plastic.  Literally taking plastic from the oceans!

Donating to Water charities to make lives better:

We also have a NEW range of Pack Bags that are recycled 1 euro from EVERY bag sold goes to Justdiggit.org to make Africa greener by digging land to absorb vital water.



H20 water bottles to send to 25 lucky winners!

EMAIL Hello@identitymerchandise.co.uk for entry! 

Winners will be drawn on World Water Day (22.03.21)

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