Swag, freebies – whatever you call it, it is what Fresher’s want….they love free stuff!!

The quirkier the better, at Identity Merchandise these are the people we love, they are not too shy to ask, they WANT it and they will GET it.  Get the right freebie and your brand will be inundated with new students like a free bar at the students union!

So how do you make the most of this priceless opportunity to appeal to this demographic of innovators, influencers and money blowers?

Get the best freebies!!

That’s where we come in, yes we can provide the best wristbands, pizza cutters, highlighters, pens and bags (we supply thousands of them) but how about thinking outside the box this year – give something that they cannot resist posting a picture of?

A couple of our favourites for 2019 include:

Socks – yes, socks, they used to be the boring present but now they are the genius give away.  Funny socks are useful and so photogenic!  Get thinking of those brilliant straplines….”helping you stand on your own two feet”  “Don’t put your foot in it”  “Put your feet up”….there are lots more!

Phone holder pens – It’s a pen, It’s a stylus, It’s a screen cleaner but much more than that it a phone holder!  Simple ingenious and budget loving (cheap).  Be ready to be stampeded when the other students get sight of these being used in lecture theatres!

We can make sure your freebies are the must have thing on campus, just be ready for the crowds of students they will attract!

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