We get asked this a lot, and rightly so, our customers want to rely on us to offer up the most relevant products to appeal to their target audience and to fit their brand, and this means putting new things into the mix, our clients brands are up to date and evolving - that dated old mug might be due a change...

So hear is a rundown of what’s new and trending for promotional products (as I type)

 Eco –
Yes being eco is something our brands have always been but not, at last, it is more achievable...why?  Because we have reached the tipping point where the cost of eco products are now competitively priced and the products themselves, well they are actually better than their non-recyclable old fore-products, here are some of Identity Merchandise fav's.

Senator Bio Pen (no plastic)

Bamboo Travel Mug (no plastic) 

Bamboo Lanyard (again, David, there is no plastic)


Online marketing
- once upon a time online was the enemy of promotional products, in the last ten years how many times we have hear marketing managers say "we are cutting our spend on promotional products, we find online more cost effective" (they do come back for the right product when it’s for the right campaign) but now is all dandy and integrated...here are some products that will fit the bill on post-outs for likes, competitions for the best use of the product online photo campaigns and general "getting our audience to post a picture of something with our logo on" campaign (tweet us with the answer to what that sort of a campaign is called and we'll send you a free stylus pen!)

 Best integrated promotional products for social media:

Choc Cards

''A sweet for a treat?''

Social Media Seeds 

''Grow your audience''

This month’s star product


''Who wouldn't want some?''

Our winner this month is branded socks, probably because it has been so cold last month, we could help ourselves. They are fun. They are practical and they make an impact…students, outdoors, corporates, anyone who deserves to put their feet up

Give us a call if you need some new ideas…

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