How we work

Firstly, we are all experts in promotional products so you will not be contacting a call centre or an order processor, you will deal with one of our professional, down-to-earth account managers who will look after you from day one.

We get to know you

We can’t do our job right without a bit of information from you, we’re not going to get too personal, just the stuff we need, things like: When do you need your promotional products? (we have a range that can be turned around in 24hrs) Who’s your target audience? (chances are we will have dealt with your industry before and can call on lots of creative options you might have not thought of). What do you need your promotional products to achieve? (we’ve had some interesting answers to this one!)

“It’s our job to come up with the right merchandise for your brand”

We get to work

Getting all the information in the first contact means that we waste no time in putting together suggestions that are going to get the most out of your budget and get the promotional product that your target audience are going to love. We have our own live database of over 10,000 products and software that can pinpoint the exact right thing for you, as well as years of experience and a great reputation within our industry, we can offer things that other promotional product companies don’t get to see.

“We have a combined experience of 45 years in promotional products, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what works.”

We deliver

This is where here at Identity Merchandise we really add value. The same account manager who you have dealt with from day one will oversee the production and branding of your promotional products. Dealing with the best, audited print and manufacturer partners – we pride ourselves in placing as much importance in our supply chain as our sales pipeline, if we are not 100% confident that the finished product will be something to be proud of we won’t supply it.

“80% of our business is repeat clients, the new ones just haven’t placed another order yet.”

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Solving your merchandise headache

We dont just deliver great promotional products, we also deliver solutions. Packing and Distribution. Online stock management. Corporate schemes. E commerce merchandise sites...