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What are the benefits of buying branded conference bags with your logo on?

Marketers leverage branded conference bags as powerful promotional tools due to several compelling reasons:

Increased Brand Exposure: Conference bags act as mobile advertisements,displaying your brand prominently in professional settings. Attendees use these bags throughout the event, providing extended exposure to your logo, message,or…

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Elevate your brand in the fitness industry

Branded Sports and Gym Bags are one of the best tools to elevate your brand in the fitness industry, UK based Identity Merchandise explain why:

Sport and gym bags serve as more than just carriers for your gear. Here’s why branded sport and gym bags are an essential asset:

Enhanced Brand Visibility: Branded sport and gy…

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Laptop bags for staff, associates and gifts…make sure you brand with your logo to reap marketing benefits:

Utilising branded laptop and tablet bags for your brand yields several advantages, making them a smart investment for promotional purposes:

Enhanced Brand Visibility: Branded laptop and tablet bags act as walking advertisements, exposing your brand to diverse audiences. These functional accessories showcase your logo, tagline, or design wherever they’re carried, …

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Why does everyone love branded stationery (especially marketeers!)?

UK based Identity Merchandise explains:  Branded stationery isn’t just about paper and pens; it’s a powerful tool that leaves a lasting impression. Here’s why it’s so well received and how marketers leverage its potential:


Professionalism and Brand Image: Branded stationery elevates professionalism, portraying an established brand identity. It’s a subtle…

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Why Branded cooler bags?

Branded cooler bags are a trendy and versatile promotional item that offers a multitude of benefits, making them a popular choice for businesses:

Practicality and Utility: Cooler bags serve a functional purpose, keeping food and beverages cool while on the move. This practicality ensures their frequent use, providing extended exposure to your brand in various set…

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Promotional branded bags

Promotional bags are an absolute game-changer when it comes to boosting your brand and captivating your audience.

Here’s why they’re not just cool but essential for your brand’s success:

Practical Fashion: These bags aren’t just accessories; they’re functional fashion statements. Stylish, trendy, and practical, they make your brand par…

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Bags of Benefit from Branded Backpacks

Branded backpacks serve as walking advertisements, providing several compelling reasons for marketeers and HR managers to invest in them:

Increased Brand Visibility: Branded backpacks act as mobile billboards, exposing your company’s logo, message, or branding wherever they go. This continuous exposure boosts brand recognition and visibility among diverse audienc…

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Making merchandise more sustainable

Identity Merchandise Ltd are one of the first promotional merchandise suppliers to take
the Step Forward Pledge to make merchandise more sustainable


“Our industry is embracing sustainability,
changing the way we work and the work we

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Branded corporate clothing - why do successful brands use it?

Branded corporate clothing offers several advantages that can significantly enhance a company’s competitiveness:

Brand Visibility and Recognition: Branded clothing serves as a walking advertisement, increasing brand visibility.

Professional Image: It creates a professional and …

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The Power of Promotional Products: Elevating Your Trade Show Success!

Here at Identity Merchandise we often get asked how promotional products work and why is branded merchandise important? This blog gives the facts about how trade show success can be won by the right promotional product:

In the competitive landscape of trade shows and conferences, businesses are constantly seeking ways to stand out, attract prospects, and make a lasting impression. One strategy th…

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The Importance of Branded Merchandise in Branding Strategies: Adding Fun to the Mix!

Identity Merchandise, who have their headquarters in Sheffield, UK, specialise in working with brands to position themselves through promotional products and branded merchandise.  Using the 5 key points below to get results


In the ever-competitive world of business, establishing a strong brand identity is essential for success. A well-executed brand…

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Where can I buy branded merchandise?

When looking to buy branded merchandise online, it’s always critical to ensure you use a reputable UK promotional products distributor, such as Identity Merchandise. Look out for testimonials, awards and reviews to get a feel for the service, like our numerous Distributor of the Year awards or our reviews on Google.

Buying online means browsing through many products and choosing the right one for…

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Promotional Notebook with Pen

Branded notebooks are one of the most popular and practical promotional products, and what’s a notebook without a pen? The two as a set are an extremely well-received gift.

Buying a promotional notebook and pen as set together will ensure the colours match the pen and the book, giving your branded gift a bespoke look.

At Identity Merchandise, our most popular notebook with a pen is the A5 Mole…

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Perfect Promo - Branded

Metal drinks bottles are now the go to for consumers and marketers have not wasted any time on making sure their brand is associated with these eco-friendly, healthy living, super useful products

Here is a breakdown on why these branded insulated bottles are the perfect promo product:


Insulated metal drinks bottles keep cold drinks cold for 24hrs and hot drinks warm for 12hrs – meaning t…

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Perfect Promo - Umbrellas

Branded umbrellas give so many promotional product wins I am going to have to list them, here we go…

Useful – you must provide swag that people covet and want to get hold of…try to take a brolly off someone on a rainy day, dare you! The most popular branded umbrella is the golf size one, they sit in the boot of the car or in the hat stand until needed (thats around a whopping 150 days a year …

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